Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen.

Here I have listed my costs and rates. I have tried to keep them as reasonable as possible. I trust that you will find them acceptable; I truly am well worth it, I can promise you that. Although I will make myself available 24 HOURS A DAY. 7 days a week; I do need my beauty sleep, so I will always be beautiful for you. I am available for Incalls, Outcalls and Overseas Bookings. I look forward so much to meeting you and making your acquaintance very soon.


2 hour: £500:00
3 hours: £600:00
4 hours: £700:00
5 hours: £800:00
6 hours: £900:00
7 hours: £1,000:00

12 hours: £1,500:00

24 hours: £3,000:00

OUTCALL: For Outcalls I would appreciate 3* to 4 hours notice. (*minimum)

OVERSEAS: For Overseas Bookings, I would appreciate;
1)T.B.A. //// notice for United States and Canada,
2)T.B.A. //// notice for Japan,
3)T.B.A. //// notice for Australia,
4)T.B.A. //// notice for Northern Europe*,
5)T.B.A. //// notice for Southern Europe*,
6)T.B.A. //// notice for Eastern Europe*, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Minimum Time:

*depending on: a) Country / Continent:
*Northern Europe: Denmark, Germany, Poland,
*Southern Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal,
*Eastern Europe: Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary,
b) Time Wanted,
c) Estimated Rates:- To be Negotiated.